What you Need to Know About RPA Analytics

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RPA and Data

Today, 92% of global businesses are data driven in some form or fashion. The majority of businesses are still exercising manual avenues of analyzing and exploring data from given processes. However, if a business process is manual, making decisions from this data is hard to accomplish.

#1: Process Mining

Process mining technologies can be deployed to visualize the entire process on the basis of data generated by RPA, which enables a more insightful understanding of the process. This also creates a cadence of unscrewed data that was once manually overseen.

#2: The Digital Twin

  • Automobile creation
  • Merchandise & product stores
  • Construction
  • Technology infrastructure

#3: Simulating Standard Processes

Predicting the impact of an RPA integration can be especially useful when you are planning a shift in your current processes, whatever this shift may entail. By modifying specific variables in the simulation model, you can effectively simulate a prediction to see the outcome of a more automated integration. In other words, you get to “try before you buy” in a sense. This concept pairs with digital twin technology discussed above.

#4: Machine Learning and AI

As it pertains to being data-driven, machine learning can be used to answer open-ended questions, like how to increase the speed of a data-driven process. Various algorithms are available that serve the purpose of explaining how certain elements in a system effect the overall outcome. If you can feed audit data trails into a machine learning algorithm, you can get specific solutions to improve the process at hand.

How can we Help?

Smartbridge implementation architecture calls for tracking, recording and analysis of bots and the processes they automate. Our team of business intelligence specialists have over 15 years of experience in building analytical solutions for clients across diverse industries. We implement automation into your processes to achieve the following:

  • Data management architecture and models
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics

Looking for more on Automation?

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