Power BI Best Practices

Have you deployed or are thinking about deploying Power BI in your organization? Before you dive in too deep, there are some best practices you should consider following.


  • Teams site/chat
  • Lunch & Learns
  • “Office hours for Q&A”
  • Regular communications for updates


  • What type of permissions are needed?
  • What type of content is it?
  • How many reports & dashboards should be included?


Data Visualization

BONUS — Communication

  • Updates on releases of new data sets, reports, and/or dashboards.
  • Updates relating to upcoming support events and training.
  • Information on approved file storage locations.
  • Requirements for handling sensitive data and personally identifiable information.
  • Information on how to get the content certified.
  • Announcements on key changes to data artifacts and change log (if appropriate).
  • Information on data retention and purge requirements.
  • Governance guidance and approaches by the steering committee.
  • Location/update/changes to best practices and template documents
  • Updates from internal BI competitions/back-offs as well as announcements regarding business impact that have been realized or implemented as a result of new BI efforts.

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