Exporting Salesforce Reports with RPA

Smartbridge was invited to give a presentation about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) at a Salesforce developers User Group meeting in Houston. During our presentation, we dove deep into the benefits of RPA and Salesforce, and specifically, how exporting Salesforce reports with RPA can be achieved.

Exporting Salesforce Reports with RPA

Captured at the Houston User Group Salesforce Event

For many of the members, it was their first time witnessing the capabilities of RPA technology, and how its functionalities could streamline business processes. Since Salesforce natively has the ability to automate business processes, RPA’s true value in this use case was getting data into and out of Salesforce. The integration of these two technologies and their respective automation capabilities can have a significant impact on lead generation and report exporting.

Use Case #1 — Scraping LinkedIn to Leads in Salesforce

The process of scraping the web where an API is not plug-and-play (or available) can be applied to multiple industries/use cases. From start to finish, this entire process was achieved by using LinkedIn, UiPath, and Salesforce. Below is a diagram of the lead extraction process.

Use Case #2 — Export Reports from Salesforce

UiPath — Salesforce API

By combining the capabilities of Salesforce and automation (RPA specifically), organizations can streamline the process of lead creation through the automation capabilities offered in each platform. The report export process in Salesforce can also be streamlined and accessible to organizational users and third parties alike.

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Originally published at https://smartbridge.com on April 8, 2020.

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