Blockchain in the Food Service Industry — Blockchain for Business Video Series

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Perhaps one of the most notable digital innovations in business today is blockchain in the food service industry. Due to the dynamic nature of the food value chain, blockchain is being leveraged to make this multinational market safer through efficient product traceability.

Changing Our Consumption Habits

Blockchain in the Food Service Industry
Blockchain in the Food Service Industry

Video Transcription

Blockchain in the Food Service Industry

Whether you work in the food industry or are just a casual diner, surely you follow the news when a foodborne illness outbreak occurs. Whether it’s the recent e.coli concern in romaine lettuce, or the large egg recall that occurred in April 2018, you certainly see these news stories broadcasted rather frequently. Beyond the foodborne illness side of things, there’s also the food providence side. Consumers often find themselves in a common predicament; do I trust the food source provided, and is what the food producer is telling me actually true?

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